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Large Square 24" x 24" Industrial Steel Magnetic Board, Chalkboard and Dry Erase Bulletin Board. Our industrial steel magnet board is functional, distinctive and adds character to any space. This board is an excellent choice to display your travel magnet collection, write appointment and menus! Our unique magnetic board makes a perfect Gift for Dad, Father's Day Gift, Wedding Gift, Graduation Gift or just because... Organize any area with ease using our unique design! We include six (6) Industrial Hex Nut Magnets. These magnets are super strong and will hold up thick papers with ease. Need more magnets? Shop for more magnets here! The large size has a lot of room to help with organization, photo displays and write messages. Shop our studio for more choices!




* One of a kind original design

* Fun and unique industrial vibe

* Great conversation piece

* Excellent for displaying your travel magnet collection

* Works as a magnet board, dry erase board AND chalkboard

* Perfect for kids’room

* Use for home or business

* Entryway organizer and command center

* Use to write restaurant menus and appointments

* Organize photos, notes, memos

* Includes six (6) Hex Nut Magnets

* Roomy display area 24 x 24

* Ready to hang with D-rings and picture hanging wire

* The steel FRAME is also magnetic


We love the industrial feel of our new design. This multi-functional magnet board works as a magnet board, dry erase board and chalkboard!! You can use this board for your home or business. Use the steel surface to write messages, menus and appointments with dry erase markers. The steel surface wipes clean so you can write away! Our industrial style hex nut magnets are strong and easy to grab. Your photos or memos are held firmly in place. Use our board as a place to post favorite pictures, cards or notes or write notes and reminders all in a distinctive way!


How Your Board is Made


We've used 1 1/4" solid steel strapping to frame the galvanized sheet metal. Under the metal is a solid wood frame. We painted the frame with a hammered silver paint that matches the galvanized metal. This magnet board is a 100% handmade and designed in our shop!


Please Note: The galvanized sheet metal may have slight imperfections on the surface. This is the nature of industrial steel, and we feel it adds character to the board.


2' x 2' Industrial Steel Magnetic Board, Travel Magnet Display Board


  • Includes: Six (6) Hex Nut Industrial Magnets
    Dimensions: 24 x 24 Inch (2' x 2')

    Your magnet board comes ready to hang. We use D-Rings and picture hanging wire.

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